Rock Solid & Ready: The Campaign for Rockford University

Over the past several years, with strong core support, we have completed the hard work, demonstrated our enduring value, and are now taking strategic steps to strengthen our position. Looking ahead, we aspire to be a beacon for this region and beyond as an institution that is increasingly nimble, adaptive, and accessible. Now we need you to believe in and invest in our future. The time is right. We are Rock Solid, and we are Ready. Join us.

We are ready to Compete.

Compete with others for students, prominence and excellence.

We are ready to Create.

Create unique learning opportunities and spaces for teaching and learning that are relevant and enviable.

We are ready to Commit.

Commit resources both human and financial with the goal of making Rockford a University of Choice for a growing number of learners.

And so it is that we are well prepared to conduct with integrity -
Rock Solid & Ready: the Campaign for Rockford University.



For more than 170 years, our alumni have made their mark all around the world.


We are committed to supporting our 16,000-strong community of proud Rockford graduates.


Rockford University's annual impact on the regional economy.


The Campaign for Rockford University.