The Ready Report

Campaign Update

With a $17.3 million goal, Rock Solid & Ready: The Campaign for Rockford University seeks to sustain and support the University’s ongoing transformational process and to set the stage for a continued era of progress. Rock Solid & Ready is comprised of three primary categories that will more firmly establish a top-notch experience in and out of the classroom from which students can learn and grow. The University will:

  • Compete by shaping modern facilities,
  • Create by enhancing the student experience, and
  • Commit by providing for current needs.

  • As of January 31, 2017, $13.2 million has been received in pledge commitments and outright contributions.

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    Campaign Public Announcement: October 8, 2015

    Message from the President Emeritus

    As President Emeritus of Rockford University, I am ever mindful of my guardian-duty to protect our institution's rich legacy, while advancing its future.

    We live that legacy through the accomplishments of our alumni, whose lives are well chronicled and have been enriched through their experience as students. To them we are grateful.

    However, it is the present and the future that most occupy my mind. I hold dear my responsibility to make clear a path for our current students to follow their dreams. And, it is you who can help make those dreams a reality.

    We have created a solid foundation on which to build. Our enrollments are growing in a time where others' are not. Our support, both emotional and financial, is approaching a zenith.

    Your generosity, delivered now to this campaign, will help Rockford University remain vital and relevant as a force in higher education. I humbly seek your support and gratefully acknowledge your commitment.

    Robert L. Head, Ph.D.
    President Emeritus

    Message from the Campaign Chair

    Rockford University has a compelling story that sets it apart. As a University trustee and lifelong Rockford resident, I have great optimism for both our University and our region and am confident that our graduates will provide the leadership needed for the future. This optimism fuels my energy to fully realize the campaign objectives.

    I hope that you are similarly inclined, that you see yourself reflected in the aspirations of this campaign and, to put it simply, that you contribute generously. It is a noble and worthy endeavor to advance our mission while nurturing the kinds of thoughtful and productive citizen-leaders that our region, and our country, need most.

    James W. Keeling, Esq.
    Campaign Chair