A hallmark of Rockford University is our focus on individual relationships: faculty members working one-on-one with students to craft opportunities for high-impact learning, or students reaching out on their own to make a difference.

Student Opportunity Fund (Endowed) $1 Million
Student Opportunity Fund (Expendable) $1 Million

With initial goals of $1 million each, two funds will be created. One fund will be a perpetual endowment, with the annual proceeds (currently 4.5%) directed to support Student Opportunities, while the other will be a fund for current and immediate use. The life of the current-use fund will extend until all available money is expended. This current-use fund is vital, as we work to establish the practice, serving as a bridge until such time as the endowed fund reaches a critical mass to support these activities ongoing.

Academic Program Enhancements $4.1 Million
A university is only as strong as the value and reputation of its academic programs. Through this campaign we will also work to secure leadership contributions that will create transformational programmatic and capital advances for our academic disciplines. In this way, we will support and honor the outstanding work of our faculty while deepening our commitment to student learning.

The Case for Enhancing the Student Experience

To be a true Liberal Arts University, we must continually create effective yet innovative ways to provide for the finest in student opportunities as they relate to classroom and experiential learning. Many alumni point to concentrated study with faculty and students in unique settings as real difference-makers in their lives, going forward. To that end we will establish two funds that will provide for many activities not fully supported in our current annual operating budgets, including but not limited to lectures by prominent change-agents, symposia, student/faculty research, student-initiated projects, and off-campus study (domestic and international). A committee of faculty and staff will oversee and govern the equitable use and distribution of the funds.

Naming Opportunities: Student Opportunity - Endowed

Named Restricted Endowed (minimum) - $100,000

Named Unrestricted Endowed (minimum) - $25,000

Naming Opportunities: Student Opportunity - Current Use

Named Restricted Expendable (minimum) - $100,000

Named Unrestricted Expendable (minimum) - $25,000

Please speak with a Development Officer if you are interested in the specifics of what options may be available and how we can link your passion to this work. All donors will have their names prominently placed on a project donor plaque at the campaign’s end.

Rock Solid Stories

“Studying abroad in Spain was an incredibly amazing experience,” says Carla Ramirez ’15. “I grew as a person and as a student.” She credits Spanish professor Dr. John Burns with encouraging her to take the leap.

“Opportunities like study abroad are transforming for students,” Burns says. “The biggest barrier is often institutional support—so many issues come into play. A Student Opportunity Fund will open doors for more students.”